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The General Directorate for Armament (DGA) and the Defense Innovation Agency (AID), with the support of Safran and Thales, have created CENTURION, an ecosystem for support and funding dedicated to innovations for the combatant, with the goal of stimulating innovation among partners and accelerating the maturity of concepts and technologies for the combatant.

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The Inside Project (Indicator of Landed or Embarked Situations) aims to detect the embarking and disembarking of fighters from combat vehicles.

This project follows the Inside Challenge. This challenge aimed to enable the detection of the embarking and disembarking of each fighter from their vehicle.

On the training grounds of the 2nd Marine Infantry Regiment (RIMA) in Le Mans, various technologies were experimented with during drills conducted with armored vehicles. DotVision was one of the three winners alongside Invirtus and Seribase.