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Spoony 1.5

Energy monitoring and counting

. Communicating
. Rapid installation
. Single or three-phase measurements
. Modbus gateway
. Secure IIoT
. Standard protocols
. Compatible with most EMS

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Reduce your electricity consumption
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Control your energy bills
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Achieve regulatory compliance
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Reduce your carbon footprint
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The Spoony adapts to your needs

The integration of all industrial and web protocols makes it the ideal product for the energy management of your equipment

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Housing player
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Connected to the cloud
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Ethernet / WIfi / 3G
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Plug & Play
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Single or 3Phasis
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Rapid installation
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Intelligent (automate)
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Open and scalable solution
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Small size(DIN 3/2)
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Control command & load management

Control Your Consumption in a Few Steps

Who is consuming what ?

Monitor and count energy with Spoony. Installation in minutes

Detect your overconsumption and reduce it.

Follow in real-time the results of your actions and the savings made.

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Simplified installation

dotvision spoony 1.5 al in one

All in one

dotvision spoony 1.5 non instrusive

Non-intrusive thanks to openable clamps

dotvision spoony 1.5 plug and play

Plu&Play connexion

dotvision spoony 1.5 iso

Open gateway

Spoony is based on standards and supports many open protocols, making it compatible with numerous local or cloud platforms. Thanks to this extended compatibility, you remain in control of your data. 

Connect Spoony to your preferred platform *

Adapted to your needs

Product nameSPOONY 1.5
Product ReferenceSPOONY-1.5
Dimensions in mm90 x 60 x 53
FormatDIN rail mount module, 53mm width (3 ½ units). Compatible with Omega-type rails
Material of the casingABS
Power supply range80-270 VAC, 50-60Hz. 0.2A max
Operating temperature-10°C to 60°C
HumidityMax 80% non-condensing
CertificationsEuropean Directives (CE) low voltage and EMC, ROHS, REACH
Voltage measurement input range400Vpp Phase-Neutral, 800Vpp Phase to Phase Input impedance: ≥ 2MΩ
Current measurement modeIndirect, via current transformers or Rogowski coils
Current measurement input rangeTransformer version: ±100mA, Impedance: 5Ω Rogowski version: ±250mV, Impedance ≥ 380kΩ
Current measurement rangeDependent on the current sensor used. Refer to the sensor documentation.
Electrical network typeSingle-phase or Three-phase with or without  Neutral1.
Measurement range (-3dB)IRMS, Power : 14kHz
VRMS : 260Hz
Measurement update frequency1Hz for all measurements
Measurement integrated circuitAnalog Devices ADE7758
ConnectionsPower and voltage measurement: Screw terminals, 0.2 to 1.5mm² Current measurement inputs: Pressure terminals, 0.1 to 0.75mm² RS485, TIC, Relay: Screw terminals Network: RJ45
AccuracyRMS Voltage: 1% over a 20:1 dynamic range RMS Current: Dependent on the type of sensor. 1% over a 20:1 dynamic range for sensors provided by DotVision Active Power and Energy: Dependent on the type of sensors. 1% over a 20:1 dynamic range for sensors provided by DotVision 2.
Note 1 : A connection to Neutral may be required due to the limited power supply range.
Note 2 : Products supplied by DotVision are always calibrated with their associated current sensors. Accuracy is not guaranteed if sensors are replaced without proper calibration. Consult DotVision if you wish to change the sensors to determine if calibration is necessary.

Find the complete Spoony 1.5 documentation online:

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