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Cloud or On-Premise IoT platform

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Automatic scalling
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Digital Twins
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Event driven architecture
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Big Data storage
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Message Broker

BlueForest provides a message broker to connect devices to the IoT platform over heterogeneous networks. The message broker supports various protocols, such as MQTT and HTTPs (CoAP coming soon).

Devices can use the message broker for reliable real-time bidirectional communication with the cloud via the IoT platform.

Big Data Storage

Store and query historical changes in device state or commands sent from the time series database. In addition to the message broker, BlueForest offers a data persistence layer. This allows data published by devices to be stored for later retrieval. Time series data can be used for analysis purposes or simply to access and view history.

Alarm Management

With data monitoring, BlueForest offers the ability to trigger alarms based on rules. Set alerts and automated actions on criteria you define and get real-time updates on the health of your assets.


BlueForest offers comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities with a customizable dashboard.

Device Management

Automate the provisioning and commissioning of IoT devices to accelerate your deployment. Flexible tools allow our clients to efficiently operate connected devices by abstracting their specific hardware implementation and used protocol. Device management features include:

  • life cycle management
  • groups of devices
  • device pairing
  • remote microsoftware updating
  • online debugging
  • online device simulation
  • remote maintenance
  • real-time monitoring

Device Security

Security is very important for IoT. The BlueForest IoT platform offers a multi-layered security strategy to ensure that the connection between devices and the cloud is secure.

User security

To meet tenant security requirements most effectively, BlueForest offers:

  • Safe logins via SSL / TLS encryption
  • Security authorization and authentication strategies
  • User account control
  • Access management
  • Multi-user solutions


BlueForest supports persistent connections with millions of devices and allows dynamic scaling. Use our IoT platform to securely connect, monitor, and manage millions of devices to develop IoT applications without worrying about scaling and the ensuing infrastructure.


A clustered infrastructure ensures service availability and allows automatic and uninterrupted service migration in the event of failure.

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