logo Blue Panda

A Realt-time OS decicated to the internet of things

Focus on the application! BluePanda takes care of managing your connections to the cloud, security, communication protocols, task and embedded service management, and much more.

From proof of concept to industrial product, BluePanda supports you throughout the development chain. There’s no need to start from scratch when industrializing. Indeed, BluePanda works on numerous platforms.

Save development time! Directly program your application in Javascript, C, or C++ using our SDKs and many tools. And to speed things up even more, deploy BluePanda directly on a virtual machine to test on one or a multitude of virtual devices.

logo industrial product Blue Panda
Industrial product
logo simple Blue Panda
logo rapid market acces Blue Panda
Rapid market access
logo optimized Blue Panda
Optimized for devices with ilmited resources
logo numerous hardware Blue Panda
Adapts to numerous hardware configurations (PIC, ARM, etc.)
logo your code Blue Panda
Bring your code (JS, C++, C, …)
logo rapid Blue Panda
Rapid execution
logo cloud
Cloud ready (Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, …)
logo Ia ready
IA Ready
logo multi protocol
Multi-protocole (MQTT, API REST, …)
logo live remoting
Live remote monitoring
logo remote management
Remote management

Adapted to your needs