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International Collaboration and Integration of SMEs

The 5G-TACTIC project is focused on improving the cybersecurity and reliability of 5G networks. It brings together National Regulatory Authorities and Cybersecurity Authorities from six member countries of the European Union. The partnership also includes European SMEs at the forefront of technological innovation, working on the development of security solutions and services tailored to open 5G. Infrastructure providers and mobile network operators are also part of the initiative, contributing to the diversity and richness of the project.

Objectives and Academic Collaboration

The main objective of 5G-TACTIC is to design 5G solutions that are not only secure and open but also modular and interoperable. To this end, close collaboration is established with research institutes and academic institutions, aiming to promote an open and competitive European 5G ecosystem.

Technical Development and Security

The technical aspects of the project include the development of a specific 5G cybersecurity toolkit, accompanied by in-depth security analyses, evaluations, testing, and the creation of customized mitigation measures. 5G-TACTIC also envisages piloting, integration, and evaluation phases of various open 5G solutions, focusing particularly on security aspects.

Training and Awareness

In addition, the 5G-TACTIC project plans to organize targeted training for professionals in technical and security fields, as well as for Regulatory and Cybersecurity Authorities at the European level, thus ensuring a broad and effective dissemination of knowledge and best practices in the field.